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No Need For Labels is an initiative by a group of independent artists within different geners of modern electronic pop and EDM music, with the ambition to adjust to the modern day music industry and grow their careers by simply giving away all their music for free as a no copyright alternative for Youtube content creators who wants to use music in their monetized videos.

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By providing a high quality no copyright music alternative for Youtube content creators No Need For Labels aim to build a strong platform upon which the artists can upload their music and by doing so get their tracks spinning on Youtube - something that draws attention to the music and then lead to potential fans and listeners on streaming services. So by using our free music in your Youtube videos you help our artists grow.

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How it works - Win-Win

All music in the No Need For Labels catalogue are 100% free to use for commercial purposes on Youtube. The only thing required is that the artist and No Need For Labels get a link back in the video description for a specific video where a specific song is used. This constitutes a win-win model where content creators get to use free high quality music while at the same time the artist and this initiative gets to grow from the link backs, making it possible to put out even more great music for creators to use for free.

So, if you are a Youtube content creator and want to use music for whatever video please consider making No Need For Labels part of your upcoming content.

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